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Do women wear red clothes more attractive to men?
In 2008,
Psychologist Andrew Elliot and colleagues conducted a study,
They took black and white photos of women,
Put it on the red and gray background and let the men choose,
What background is more attractive for women~
As a result, most men,
They all chose photos with a red background
However, it seems that we can’t draw any conclusions

After all, the picture on the left looks like a posthumous photograph
After all, most people will choose the one on the right~
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In 2010,
Craig Roberts, a scholar at Stirling University, also wants to explore
“What color clothes are more attractive to the opposite sex”,
So a study was conducted
They asked ten women,
Wear 6 colors of T-shirts to take photos,
Then the male participants were asked to,
To evaluate their attraction to themselves.
(One of the female participants)
The results show that:
Women wear red or black clothes,
Will be more popular with men
Moving picture cover
When red is compared with blue, green, yellow and white clothes,
Will be more attractive and charming~
It reminds me of the X-Saint movie
The female host wore a red dress on the stage,
Then @ #%&&
Lsps, are you excited!
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After that, the researchers asked 10 men to,
Wear clothes of different colors, participate in the game,
This time, women were asked to evaluate, and the results showed that:
Women also prefer men in red!
It turns out that in the eyes of the opposite sex,
Bright red will be more attractive~
At this time, someone must want to say:
What if I don’t like wearing red clothes?
No problem! If you don’t have red clothes,
Or don’t like red clothes,
Let’s decorate ourselves with red elements,
It can also achieve similar effects~for example,
Red lipstick
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Red bag
Moving picture cover
Red Bowknot
Moving picture cover
Red high-heeled shoes
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Anyway! Don’t forget that men are right about red,
It would be better to have a wild physiological reaction~
Does farting in front of the object benefit the feelings of both parties?
It’s really shy to fart in public~
Especially in front of the person you like,
It’s really a large-scale social death scene!
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However, Shannon Chavez, an intimacy therapist, believes that:
If we can get out of the farting dilemma,
Couples can accept each other more completely,
It is a sign that the intimate relationship has grown from weak to mature,
It is also more helpful for sexual life~”
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To put it simply,
In your eyes, your fart is fart,
In his eyes, your fart is not fart,
It’s the symbol of your loveliness!
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Moreover, research has found that,
Many men think farting is normal,
As long as there are conditions,
They can even come in front of their girlfriend~
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Think about it!
People are embarrassed to put a p in front of you,
We’re popping. What’s wrong
Beautiful chaos effect?
What the hell is this?
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It implies philosophy: when people look at their weaknesses,
It is different from others’ view of some weaknesses~
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Even if we think our farts stink,
But people who like you don’t necessarily think so~
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Don’t feel embarrassed to put P in front of the object!
Why do men still go to see porn when they have a girlfriend?
On the hard disk of almost every male computer,
There will be small movies,
And those guys who don’t have a movie on their hard drive
It must be that… no resources can be found,
I’m sorry to share with my friends~
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Single men watch movies,
It’s understandable…
After all, sometimes it’s lonely when you’re alone~
But why do some men have girlfriends,
But still watch a small movie secretly in the middle of the night?
Is your girlfriend not sexy enough?
Or do you want double stimulation?
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In fact, most men watch mini movies,
It’s really because I feel exciting!
Some studies have shown that the stimulation in small H tablets,
It will give men psychological and physiological,
A certain dependency is generated.
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Plus, the plot and content of H movie,
It’s not something that reality can bring,
So this strong sensory stimulation,
Will let men pass… (omit 10000 words)
To achieve personal satisfaction~
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Although watching movies is normal, watching movies is not normal!
If it goes on for a long time, it is easy to lose spirit,
Impair activities that require long periods of concentration,
So watch movies with restraint. Hey~

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